The wolf and the owl for one night forgot their differences and sang together under the moon. As the songs slowly ended, The wolf and the owl stared deeply into each other’s eyes and a tear of sorrow fell to the Earth. For although there was much magic in their hearts, it was their eyes that saw the Truth. She was of the Sky People and he was of the Earth Clan. And they knew this could never be.The wolf slowly turned and began to walk away with his head down in sadness. The owl flew away into the night sky, shedding tears of heart break. And that is why late at night, when you’re alone, you can hear the howls of the wolf for he looks to the moon to sing a song he shared with someone so special. And that is why in the late evenings you hear the hoot songs of the owl. For she is asking, “Who has seen the one I love”

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Where is this?

How tf do you walk down that?

how the fuck

That’s terrifying

Looks like an adventure

I would


Starring: MTM Audi RS6-R Nardo
 (by Daniel Böswald)

19. Aaliyah (The Baby Doll)
Aaliyah was one of the first divas to master the art of “Tomboy” glamour. One of the only artists I know that could pull off looking absolutely stunning in baggy jeans and a cropped top. As far as beauty is concerned, she was the ultimate advocate for the side-swooped bangs! You know you all begged your mamas to let you wear the side-swooped bangs. And when you finally got ‘em, you could only see out of one eye for the whole day, but you looked cute! Aaliyah was rarely caught in public without a firey red or deep mahoganey lip. She truly mastered the deep colored lip look… We miss you baby girl! :( 

#Breaking Good Companion for 1x03

JESSE: Yo, kiss my pink ass, man. I didn’t ask for any of this. How am I supposed to live here now, huh? My whole house smells like toe cheese and dry cleaning.
MR. WHITE: Because you didn’t follow my instructions.
JESSE: Oh well, heil Hitler, bitch!
–  from Jesse’s “bitch” gif compilation